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Bobbetts Blog No 21,Bohemian Sanctuary

This week blog No 21, has been really fun and just proves what can be done in a few hours.

We decided to tackle a tired teenage girls bedroom and turned it into a Bohemian sanctuary.

The brief from Isabelle was her favourite colour are teal and turquoise, she wanted it  not too girlie but grown up.

Helen and I both love interior design and wanted to try out some different techniques to build our design portfolio up.

gold sponge technique over teal

We took a look on pinterest and got inspiration from the bedding she already had.

The room was originally a purple colour which had been covered in white paint to start a blank canvas

Here we are starting the job which took us a total of 5 hrs not bad going.

The chosen colours were from Homebase in contrasting finishes matt and silk, to add a glamour to the design.

also chosen was a specialist diamond dust paint finish by Craig and Rose.

We started painting with the blue and grey no going back now! here's how it looked together.

We decided to keep the bed and ceiling white, using a fluffy feather pendant lamp brought from Homebase to soften the look.

Its a good idea when choosing colours to work with three main colours you can bring accents of other colours into the room with accessories but this is normally a good rule to start with.

The room was starting to come together and after I raided the house for some complimentary decor, such as the dream catcher pineapple lamp and  up cycled chest of draws Helen had pre styled, take a look at our link below for more details at the end of this blog.

The room was now starting to pull together.

Helen really wanted fairy lights as in one of our research pictures this was a feature in Bohemian rooms.

A simple arrangement was made over the bed, we added a dusky pink cushion one of Helen's, and a grey fur throw was added.  For more soft furnishing ideas take a look on our link below, .

The end result

The end result was stunning, we also looked at ideas of what to do against the grey main wall and this idea won, we are now searching for a second hand dressing table to complete the look and we hope to show you the results in the near future.

We have one very happy teenage customer who loved the transformation of her old tired bedroom.

Happy Bobbetts

I also have the next update on the Upholstery course Phil and I  are doing.

Upholstery course Update week 2.

This week so far on the upholstery course.

This week was again  concentrating on stripping the old fabric off and taking out all the old tacks, it was hard going, I have a nasty blister on my finger to prove it.

After chatting with the tutor we decided it was a good idea to keep some of the sponge as it was in good condition and some of the hessian.

Getting back to the bare bones of the chair, and seeing how it had stood the test of time, seemed a little daunting, some of the wooden frame  needs to be replaced. It's handy i'm married to Phil the woodwork genius!

So thats it for this week,

Helen and I hope you have enjoyed the blog,  next week we are not quite sure what we will be up to but it may involve a little road trip?

Bye For Now!

Cas and Helen ( The Bobbetts )


Homebase own paint brand,

Craig and Rose.,Artisan paint

Pinterest. featured products.

Bob Bespoke painting services.

Bob soft furnishing ideas

Dream Catcher

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