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Bobbetts Blog No 2, Plaster and decoupage Best of British Boutique

Well I’ve been given the task of Bobbetts blogging this week so here goes.....

Firstly and most importantly its coffee and chat about the past weeks events! Have either of us discovered a new designer or Instagram page??

I recommend you take a look at these two on instagram they are worth a follow.

#chariswilliams777 #drewpritchardantiques

We also talked about the ‘C’ word... yes dare I say it CHRISTMAS!!

lots of fresh ideas and designs being thrown about, all very exciting so stick around to find out!!

So today’s aim was to decoupage the dresser top that I painted last week. I wanted something fun and contrasting so settled on pink jellies!! Absolutely love this paper!! I normally decoupage with napkins but this is actual wrapping paper so a lot thicker than I’m used to. After playing around with a few ways I decided to do every other panel.

Goldenballs my dog, helped out today he seemed to approve.

Firstly I cut the paper to the correct size needed then applied the mod podge directly to the surface of the dresser,

lay the paper on top and smooth down with your hands. Next apply on top, another thick layer of mod podge glue and leave to dry.

The glue dries hard and clear. Look out for more ideas in future blogs for decoupage!!!

The finished effect is very striking goodbye to boring furniture!

Cas has been working on her restoration piece today, after using resin on the back which was covered in last weeks blog. She's decided that she dosen't want to make it look like new, the idea is to strengthen it and sympathetically restore it so it looks like it should be hanging in a museum.

The front needs some attention so plaster is mixed she uses plaster of paris bought from Hobby


Then its time to apply the plaster make sure the surface is clean and dust free.

If you want a smooth effect use a damp cloth over the wet plaster to create a smoother finish. A little plaster goes a long way.

This stuff takes a while to dry a good 24hrs after this you can paint or seal the piece.

Its been a good morning and we hope you've enjoyed the blog, and learn't a little bit about plastering and decoupage?

but its all been a little too much for some of us.

See you next week for more tips and ideas on art craft upcycling and restoration we are the girls that get it done the blonde and the brunette, bye for now from Helen, Cas and the star of this weeks blog Goldenballs. Happy Crafting take a look at our site Shop to see what we make and sell, or you can follow our daily tweets or pages, we are on Twitter, instagram, facebook, pintrest, google+

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