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Bobbetts Blog No 18, Getting organised with crafts.

So here we are 2019, Happy New Year!

With  Christmas over the tree down and  the cleaning seems never ending, and the first blog of the year, we wanted to do something useful and make next Christmas a little easier. This year is all about being organised which for most arty crafty people does not come easy.

Making a gift tag

Starting with the beautiful Christmas cards you have received over the Christmas period Helen and I could see a recycling project coming  on , this one is very simple and quick to do . If you have a pile of Christmas cards still lying around and your not ready to let them go here's an idea to re use them making gift tags for next christmas will not only be fun but get you on the organising step.

What you will need scissors, pinking scissors, hole punch and ribbon. You can add in extra things if you want glitter, rhinestones, tinsel are just a few suggestions.

To make it easier you can use an object to make a nice shape, select a nice part of the card for your design, draw round it

As you can see Helen is being overseen by one of the fluffy advisor's ( Hugo )

You can add more to your designs if you want here's some rhinestones added to give the tag a more interesting look.

and that's it! we have  looked at other ideas you can make on Pinterest we saw some very creative crafting .

heres a link for a christmas tree decoration

and our favourite a wreath,

which Helen had a go at and has started to make a beautiful piece ready for next year, see the picture and tutorial below.

What we nattered about

We also discussed during the course of the morning what we had enjoyed over the last 17 blogs and how we can build on this, We both decided we really enjoyed the outings and trying new products and Crafts.

So if you have anywhere you would like us to visit or a product to review please drop us an email or post us a letter.

what to look forward too!

Next week we are going to check out a paint specialist and interior accessory outlet. This should help charge our imagination and look at ideas for future blogs. I am also starting a new craft course, something I have always wanted to try and possibly something to use in my work for the future, I have signed up for an Upholstery course. Its a new year, so take a look at the crafts classes around you, I will keep you up to date on how i'm doing.

We also have some exciting news with B.O.B a very talented artist is coming on board who make beautiful lights from crystals and natural stone this month. So keep an eye out on our social media pages, faceebook, instagram, linkden, twitter and pintrest and please keep sharing we are very grateful for all your likes and share's.

so thats it for this week keep crafting

Cas and Helen and star guess Hugo.

The blonde and brunette Bobbetts.

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