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Bobbetts blog No 17 Merry Christmas 2018

So yes it's Christmas,  Helen and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas this is the last Of the 2018 Bobbett's Blog we will be back mid January with lots of great crafting ideas,

If you want us to try anything out please let us know we are up for the challenge!

you can send your request's into

So it's cheers from us x

This week we had a festive get together and swapped the Coffee for a glass of bubbly. We chatted about what's been happening on the high Street unfortunately due to reports not a great sales record, but saying that we hope we have encouraged a few of you to shop more local and most importantly buy British handmade.

Christmas advert of the week.

This week's blog is all about decoration and the Christmas table as it is food inspired, we decided to look at Christmas adverts with food and Aldi is definitely our winner with Kevin the Carrot winning our hearts.The latest one is about Kevin the Carrot meets AuberGenie, a mysterious, magical vegetable who grants him three dishes!we have included the video for you to take a look great imagination, thank you Aldi. We also took a look at Iconic Fortnum and Mason's windows,with oversized hampers and a colourful display of sweets, the windows just pull's you in and make's you want to buy lots of beautifully packaged goodies and treats.

These windows gave us  inspiration  to present our very own Bob Christmas table setting. Using just a few accessories and a must have Bob cake stand we decided to create a natural festive display with off cuts from the tree, easy to do at home and quick, we used cinnamon sticks, candy sticks crystallised fruit decoration candles a handmade bob bauble and two  pomanders,

we also used a pice of ribbon and a off cut of the christmas tree to display the cutlery.

following the theme of green red and gold we found some pretty napkins and crackers and used other accessories around the home.

Hopefully you have  been trying out the blogs and have your pomanders and bauble to add a touch of festive display and a centre talking piece for all the family to enjoy at your Christmas table.

As we have just a few days to go

have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you in the new year

Cas and Helen x

Our bespoke orders are now closed for Christmas and we re open them on the 1st Of January.

Thank you for supporting British Artists.

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