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Bobbetts blog No 16 Dreams and Diamonds

We are back at the famous Denbies Wine Estate this week for a  second Christmas shopping evening, the atmosphere is in high spirits as the evening gets under way with the aroma of mulled wine and mince pies.

The glass upcycled baubles seem to be a big hit again with a red glitter supercar selling to start the show.

This week Helen and I talked about our favourite Christmas adverts on TV what the build up to Christmas was like in our houses and had we nearly finished the Christmas shopping? Our favourite Christmas Advert of the week is the Tiffany's advert. take a look with the link.

A beautiful choreographed advert using the iconic blue box as inspiration and showing the most beautiful diamonds the advert is all about believing in dreams. The advert for me does have that theatre like feel similar to the Greatest Showman with a twist of Alice and wonderland, with the story being about one man's dream but Tiffinany's is about the dream of getting that perfect gift Dreams are definitely the theme for 2018.

Going along this weeks theme diamonds  and dreams . We  chose to take a look at some of those most prestigious shop windows in Bond Street London.

Seen as one of London’s most luxurious shopping districts garlanded with spectacular Christmas lights .

Once you've admired the glow of the Bond Street Christmas lights, look out for the exclusive stores draped in grand decorations and window displays dressed in their festive finest.

Cartier have a magnificent display.

and Tiffany's follow the dream advert.

I won't spoil the experience for you as I really think you should take a stroll down there, Victoria Secrets as always bring the sexy into Christmas and Stella Mccartney's Boutique is a must to see.

We have also been taking the time out to watch Kirstie's Homemade Christmas, this week she takes us through delightful ways of decorating the Christmas table this week's winner was a beautiful paper flower table display the programme can be found on C4 archives its definitely worth a watch to get inspired. So as Christmas 2018 draws closer I ask are we ready or nearly prepared for Christmas? Well at the beginning of this week the first of the decoration's went up at mine  and Helen's household two very different styles. Im very traditional nothing matches I like to call it the tree of memories with handmade items and baubles collected over the last twenty plus years.

Helens is a more modern design inspired tree to go with her newly decorated living room in cool greys, silver and warm coppers.

The Christmas shopping is nearly completed and The Best of British Boutique will not be able to guarantee orders after Monday, this is only for already made items Bespoke items can not be guaranteed now and some of our Artists have closed their books due to being so busy. If in doubt please contact us at We will try our best to make your Christmas dream come true.

Cas and Helen (The Bobbetts.)

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