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Bobbetts Blog No 100

Wow here we are our 100th blog

How amazing is that, it seems I have more and more I want to share and this year going forward is no exception.

So This blog is all about what we hope to achieve this year.

Starting with the Bobbett's as it has been more difficult in the current climate and having restrictions on not meeting I am opening the Bobbett's to other Artists and designers, we will still have input from Tonia, Phil and Helen. If you would like to be featured email me here at

So I would like to introduce you all to Tasha,

I have known Tasha forever but not realised until recently how arty she is Tasha love of design is reflected throughout her home and she is a keen DIY enthusiast, as you may remember last week was full of the 2021 colour of the year,

well, it just happens that Tasha has been updating her staircase in these colours.

Using some library inspired paper and colourful accents.

Using a bright yellow on The skirting board

The stairs had these lovely candle holders to bring some interest to it, so they got a makeover too.

Here's a picture of them before.

Here's the candle holder after

Tasha also reused some frames and sprayed them up.

To get this look Tasha used

Rust-Oleum spray paint - strawflower

A great way to upcycle old accessories to fit in with your new theme.

The wallpaper is from the world of wallpaper

And she is using Happy yellow durable Matt paint from Wilko to use at detailing the project isn't quite finish next week we hope to see the end result.

Great job so far Tasha x

Here she is getting photobombed we love a #dogat work photo.

Here are some more inspiring combinations from Pinterest if you are thinking of following the trend.

Something for your kitchen maybe or go retro? Or how about this

An elegant living room inspired by this year's trending colours.

Tonia has been concentrating on valentine's cards and has been busy making these cute design

So cute and different.

I have been playing this week, I've found it a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things and going back into lockdown has not helped and oh the tax return was due so my mind's been on this, saying that I did have the time for a quick play

and made these little fellas a Toucan of my love.

Available to order

Through our Etsy site

I also have some of my jewellery collection here, which would also make a great valentine's gift.

They can also be found on our online store at

Well that's it for us this week

We have lots of projects this year, I will be focusing on my upcycling especially the furniture and lighting, I hope to start some new Jewellery collections but we still need to put a few finishing touches on the House of B.O.B as well as working more with Tonia, Tasha and Phil who is currently working on a couple of new projects.

Bye, for now, Corcyra, Tonia, Phil and Tasha The Bobbett's.

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