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Bobbett's Blog week 91, Lighting commission complete, Birds & Butterflies.

Wow, what a week, I feel we are coming on leaps and bounds with the Studio.

I have had a great response from my Teapot Pumpkins, and I delivered our latest commission.

Phil and I this week have had a very busy week, we collected a large dresser from a friend, who had decided she didn't want it anymore, and it was great for our next project.

I'm hoping to make a start on it this week,

I paid a visit to Annie of Westcott and Williams and picked up a new colour.

We had a quick chat about business and her shop looked as gorgeous as ever.

This is the colour I went for

Antibes Green. This is a neoclassical palette that included this bright green, sometimes pure and sometimes lightened with white. The color is also found on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France – a look which is beautifully achieved with Dark Chalk Paint

I have been wanting to use this colour for a while after seeing a few pieces on Pinterest.

I love the use of wood against the green.

The piece is in position in the studio, thanks to Phil, Phil has already put the piece on casters,

this means we can easily move it around.

It just needs a complete makeover to look fabulous.

Phil also put my chandeliers up this week, I have had several customers asking about them, so watch this space as more pieces are created in the next coming weeks.

It's been a really busy week, I have also finished a lighting commission à bespoke piece for a dining room kitchen.

The three cages hold butterflies and birds,

We had a bit of a balancing act with it and after the lights had been wired in.

Here it is hanging in the clients home it looks amazing with her decor, I love it so different.

We will be making these to order, if you are interested please pm us.

We have also seen a mini production line of Teapot pumpkins

after last week's blog, I decided to make some more and sell them.

I had a bit of a nightmare moment when I went to one food outlet and the pumpkins looked as if they had seen better days, then I went back to Tesco and they only had nobbly ones, I decided to go with them and here are a few of my creations, the clients loved them, so I went back for more and guess what? no nobbly ones.

if you are interested, there is still time to purchase one, free delivery in the Guildford area or you can collect from the studio.

We had our first client collection this week, she seemed very happy with the design

and purchased a piece of my furniture too.

Here are some more pumpkins I have done which are for sale.

I rescued this old ladder from my mum and dad's garden. It looks great as a display piece.

This week we have done so much, it feels like we have really pushed forward.

Next week, I'm concentrating on the dresser cabinet as we have a photoshoot at the end of the week for a virtual fair we are taking part in under Angel and Rose.

I have lots to do, so wish me luck.

Well, that's it for me this week.

Corcyra The Bobbett and Phil.

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