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Bobbett's Blog week 80, Competition paints and prints

This week has come round quicker than ever and Tonia and I have both entered an Art competition by

Phil has been busy moving the workshop round ready for the big build with help from a friend and well I helped a little too.

This week I decided to do another Art design, it's something I've wanted to do for a while and with the Art competition, it felt right to do one.

Here's Tonia's entry

It looks great in the frame or you can view it as a cushion.

Here are my entries you could add up to 5 so I thought I would send in 5 of my latest pieces, again you can also view the designs as cushions.

If you like our designs, You can see all the designs at

Like, share, and buy the designs to win your artist some points!

Voting closes Midnight Monday 10th August

We really appreciate your support.

So this week I have decided to design another pattern, using flowers as my theme here are some photos I've taken for inspiration.

I love blue and pink together by chance most of the flowers are pink.

First I drew out a basic design.

It was really screaming me so I decided to add some birds and maybe a few crystals 🤔

I decided to use Acrylic paints as my medium of choice.

I want my design to reflect my 3D furniture accessories, bespoke, unusual, glamour, cheeky chic?

I wanted the design to reflect a cottage Garden

The ides for this was to have a couple of cushion’s printed for the House of B.O.B

I wanted to incorporate some of the designs I have already used in the outside porch area.

The chandelier, maybe some birds?


I want it to work with my outside space as I want a couple of cushions printed for my outside seating area, it needs to work with the painted dresser.


So here's how it turned out.

I want to play with different background ideas well that will have to be next week.

Tonia had also been working on a couple of pieces, a lion and ballerina very different pieces, I can really see the ballerina printed on fabric, great for a girls room and maybe the lion on cushions for that jungle themed nursery?

Phil has been busy with a friend's help bringing the workshop to the back of our house.

It has sat here for nearly 4 months due to lockdown delays and extending the base.

Now we are surrounded by piles of wood.

Thank goodness we have a sturdy table,

Anyway, it drove Phil mad here's a picture of him finally cracking.

Next week the build will be starting, finally an end in sight. 🙈

I will make sure we have good coverage on the build and how far we will get by next weekend, we are so excited as the House of B.O.B is really happening 😍🇬🇧.

That's it from us this week

Cas, Phil and Tonia The Bobbett's, Angel, and Rose.

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