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Bobbett's Blog week 62,The Crafty Good Life.

It's week 62 of the Bobbett's blog and we are still in lockdown due to this coronavirus pandemic.This week we hope to bring you a couple of simple ideas to brighten up your garden and upcycle objects that would have otherwise been thrown away.

As it is so important stay safe and as Boris says at home, so it's perfect time to look at the Garden, last year Phil and I were given two raised troths, I managed to find a place for them in the garden and this year wanted to start a mini vegetable garden.

Getting rid of the weeds, and adding some compost mix.

I used a multi purpose one with a John inis mix.

All ready

I have bought some seeds and will first sow them in trays before they go in the beds.

I wanted to make my garden of course individual to me. So I started looking up Garden signs and Vegetable tags.

If you look on Pinterest you will find lots of great ideas.

These are some of my favourites.

I also decided to make a sign to add some theatre to the garden.

I rubbed back the old paint on some reclaimed shoe cabinet doors to give it a rustic feel.

Then I wrote out my saying using a permanent marker.

I then found a nice spot I wanted to place it in between the vegetable beds.

Here are the vegetable tags I've been making important things to remember if you use slate like me make sure it's fairly flat to paint on.

Then decide what vegetables or flowers you are going to plant I'm doing a mix from seed so I have decided to put them in allocated trays

Which will go into the beds in about 4 to 8 weeks when the last frost is gone and the plants hopefully strong enough.

I needed to seal them even though they are enamel, I Wanted a clear varnish to add to them, due to the lock down I didn't have any so I have improvised and used glitter clear nail varnish, well it's given the garden a bit of glamour


Here's the collection I have done,

hopefully I will be able to share with you pictures of my crop in the coming weeks.

Tonia has been busy working on some recycled jar candles,

Using paper napkins to decoupage the front,

I love the images

This cute fox reminds me of my dog Duster,

The rabbit is just so cute too they would make a lovely gift for the animal lover she has used

complimentary hessian ribbon to finish the gifts off.

This week they will be featured in our social media lockdown blog.

Well due to the lock down the studio build has almost halted, but hopefully in the next coming weeks we can get on with it.

We are waiting to hear any more updates about our booked events and will let you know.

Have a great week stay safe and stay home.

Cas and Tonia The Bobbetts. Angel and Rose.

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