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Bobbett's Blog Week 49. New Year Goals 2020

Well It's the start of a New year and 2019 is way in the past, this year has a positive vibe to it and what a start it's been so far Phil and I made the descion to build a new workshop Showroom which will be known as the House of B.OB. each blog we will be taking a look with how far it's coming along,

the build is due to start the beginning of March. After a dramatic end to year with family health issues, we hope to now be back on track with lots of new goals for 2020.

Tonia and I decided to take a trip to the local recycle centre, I wanted to start clearing out the old workshop and this gave me a perfect reason to start.

This year's pantone colour is a rich beautiful deep blue, adding a touch of classic glamour to interior design.

I can't wait to update a piece of furniture using this colour,

Tonia came across a small table for her hall and a rug to use in her bathroom,

that she wanted to brighten up and a plain lamp shade to upcycle

Here's Tonia coming up for a new role in a star wars film with her recycled shade 😂

We had a good rummage around and I honestly thought, I wasnt coming away with anything.

Then suddenly I spotted this quirky sized cupboard.

and a nest of tables, I can feel a flamingo idea coming on if you remember in one of our last year's blogs I did a Upcycled flamingo side table it was very quirky and I loved it, it's now with its new owner, I feel I want to try something similar.

Here's the tables I will shortly be re - vamping

So we had a giggle and came back with more stuff than I took.🤦but it was worth it!

The blue bus is filled up with projects again.

We also went to a local garden centre to take a look at very similar buildings to the one we will be building .

The BOB Build

Phil and I have thought about this project for a while and recently it became more urgent as our existing workshop,

Was extremely tired and run down needing a new roof, that had caused the building to be so damp we were unable to use it.

We dream't of a new building that could house our many projects tools and work with our family way life, with an area to work in we spent a long time looking and the building we needed was similar to one we found in the local garden centre.

Here it is

Heres a pictures from the garden centre.

So excited now the hard work begins, the clearing 😭

Next week we hope to start some upcycling projects and show you an update on how far we have got with the BOB build.

That's it for this week Have a great start to the new year and remember follow your dreams, we are!

Bye for now

Cas and Tonia the Bobbett's (Angel and Rose Designs)

For more inspiration take a look at our past blogs and see what we get upto.

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