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Bobbett's Blog No87, Upcycling everything and the kitchen sink.

I can't quite believe that this is week 87 of the Bobbetts blog and we are on the final home run of building the House of B.O.B, what a last 6 months it has been! the world being turned upside down by covid and still we don't seem to have it under control. While in our own little Surrey hills bubble we have been working hard on upcycling project after project.

This week we have been working on the House of B.O.B bringing the stored tools and furniture back in and adding internal doors finishing interior paintwork and putting down the main studio floor 

 I have been updating a sink unit from the 60's to use in the workshop.

I also caught up with this one this week, Helen, our honuary Bobbett.

We had a little late birthday celebration as I wasn't able to catch up with her sooner. Tonias taking a break for a bit until she can get some projects over to me.

So  this weeks project is something simple just to wash my hands with and clean my brushes out.

Well what popped up on a selling site a couple of weeks ago at a bargain price , this little gem.

I decided that the melamine front which was very popular in the 50 & 60 had to go, 

I updated it with a palm theme to work with the top, using some wrapping paper I had.

I started by updating the painted wood with Bramwell from rust-Oleum chalk paint range.

First I had to sand the piece down

Then I started to paint using one coat rubbing down in between then adding a second coat.

I had to be creative with the legs and hung them on my washing line and painted them this way.

I then started to decoupage the front 

I love this pattern with green.

Then I waxed the piece and made a feature draw handle wow what a difference

Phil has been busy this week too, well with my help of course 😂

The painting is now complete and the flooring has been started so it was time to bring in my work bench that I upcycled in last week's blog.

The workshop side is slowly taking place, Phil also started to put up a piece in the showroom side, my theatre stage inspired cabinet for my jewellery.

I'm soooo happy, once finished it will look great.

And Melvin the monkey was placed on top.

He keeps an eye on everything.🙈🙈🙈

Phil also hung the interior door this week.

 and we had a good tidy up of our patio.

So all in all we have achieved a lot this week, Phil and Glyn have just completed the workshop / studio floor, I'm so pleased with it.

 I still have some large jobs to do and next week I will be tackling a large oak dresser that I'm upcycling to go go on the workshop wall, this will house all my upcycling paints, glues and other bits and bobs.

I have also got to give some workshop tools a major revamp as over time they have become rusted so this will be another dirty job.

Well that's it from us, 

Corcyra the Bobbett and Phil

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