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Bobbett's Blog No 99, a reflection of 2020, What a year!

What a year it all started with so much promise and expectations the first three months started well, with the first Blog of the year Bobbett's Blog New year goals, the excitement of building a new studio and talking about the colour of the year Classic Blue.

I feel this was an apt colour as boy has it been a blue year for so many.

Angel and Rose was formed early on in the year

booking 8 local craft fairs, unfortunately, all of them became virtual which wasn't really what we had in mind, but hey we worked with it creating videos and new images for several fairs, We had started our journey but unfortunately, it came to an abrupt holt by the end of March with the outbreak of Covid 19.

The world-changing for the four seeable future, Now in January, we seem to be in a similar situation with lockdowns and compromised lifestyles.

Tonia has a serious underlying health condition so we haven't seen each other since March.

By the beginning of May, the old Studio came down,

everything was delayed due to Covid, these blogs have given me a sense of direction and reflection.

I had lots of projects around thankfully, so I decided I would work my way through them. The largest was the studio build and wow I feel a real pride of achievement, thanks to Phil and our wonderful friends who made it possible.

By August we had a watertight studio and we're ready to start on the interior.

going from this old blue shack to this beautiful spacious studio has been a major progression for the business.

By the end of September, we were in and by the beginning of October I had taken on my largest commission to date, which you can see below an 8 seat dining room table from dated brown to Farmhouse chic.


Phil and I were busy working in here all summer and autumn,

and to date, we had our best Christmas ever sales,

With our plates finishing in the top place after a mad rush followed by our dinosaur decorations and then our wreaths

2020 was a year of learning a lot and doing it in the most difficult of circumstances with Covid 19 rearing its ugly head in March and is still with us, the world has changed in the way we look at everything.

Here are some pictures of my favourite sales in 2020

Bedside cabinet

and side table, I will be doing more with the Nightshade collection this year.

Teapot Pumpkin these were fun for Halloween

The largest commission of 2020

A beautiful bespoke bedroom suite

The trio birdcage Light commission

Phil also had some great commissions this year here's a few of his favourites

If you are interested in these pieces or similar please visit our online shops

we can be found on Etsy

or here at

and if you can't find what you're looking for, you're in luck we make Bespoke pieces to commission.

This year we have lots of ideas for new products and now we have space, we will be expanding our furniture range.

Tonia has been in lockdown since march we hope to see her in 2021 as we miss her and we will be bringing in some new faces to the Bobbett's with project ideas for your home and garden.

The colour of 2021 is.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

I hope you have enjoyed the read

Corcyra Bobbett, Tonia and Phil.

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