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Bobbett's Blog No 98, Bespoke Christmas, and our first wallpaper is printed.

So this week I had a couple of projects I wanted to finish, unfortunately, this didn't quite go to plan and

the week before Christmas has been really busy.

Phil's been busy completing bottle orders, and we got our first sample of wallpaper through the post.

Tonia has finished her Christmas orders and shares her top sellers.

Well, it was only last weekend when I said to Phil, I'm surprised I haven't sold any Christmas Eve plates this year, well then it started.I got a couple of orders on Etsy for the plates than a couple more, I even went to pick up the plates from our local Sainsbury's got back in the car. Phil was driving and we drove out, I checked out my Etsy site to see I had sold another one so back we went around the roundabout and back into Sainsbury's, this could only happen to me 😂😂😂.

As Friday came round it was the last posting day for the plates, I had got an Etsy order the night before and thought I will just get a spare one just in case.

Well thank goodness I did as at 7am the next morning I sold the last plate, by 10 am my last delivery was in the post. All I could think of while finishing the last couple of plates was how the children would love using them every Christmas Eve as part of their family tradition.

They traveled as far as Cheshire, Liverpool, London, Redhill, and Stockport.

A few of the plates lined up ready to go.

Everyone is Bespoke as they are hand-painted Rudolph and Santa will be happy this year receiving some lovely treats on these bespoke plates.

So they got packed up and ready to deliver

Also this week I had another couple of deliveries to ship,

one was one of the largest pieces yet. After the disaster with the Nightshade table sale, the new one was ready to ship

Just a bit more added protection

She was ready to ship to Scotland.

I also had the last order for one of my smaller pieces and this was going to Ireland.

My Dinosaur wreath tree decoration

I hope they enjoy this decoration and have a roaring Christmas.

So this Christmas my most popular pieces have been

The handmade wreath, Dinosaur tree decorations

and Christmas Eve plates.

So it's been a busy run-up to Christmas,

This week we also had an exciting delivery, our first wallpaper design was printed and delivered.

I'm really pleased with the sample, our hall needs a complete makeover so guess what's happening in the new year.

The colours are really vibrant.

I love the different shades of red, the paper has such a vintage feel,

Tonia has been very busy with her bauble sales her

Most popular was the woodland then the Robin followed closely by the snow scene.

Well, that's it for this week, one more blog of this year set to come out on Christmas Eve.

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts, (Angel and Rose)

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