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Bobbett's Blog No 97, Disaster to Design triumph

Well the end of last week was one I wanted to forget my Etsy sale was trashed by the courier thankfully, the customer has been so lovely and agreed to me making her another piece, I have also been making a piece of furniture for the shop, inspired by the Nightshade pieces.

Tonia has been busy making matching boots to the baby bonnets featured in last week's blog and Phil has been busy completing bottle lights.

So after taking a lot of time making sure the table was packaged well, unfortunately, it was broken in transit, I contacted the client immediately back offering to make her a new piece, the client excepted the offer and the hard work was about to begin.

First I had to source a new table the original was a set of three, I explained to the customer that everything I do is Bespoke so I would do my best to find a similar piece.

I managed to source a nest of tables from Dash the Trash a house clearance service based in Croydon on the Purley way you can find him on Instagram.

I picked them up at his storage unit on Monday.

And started working on them on Tuesday

First I stripped the top, this leather top was stuck down hard and took some moving.

What a mess it made, over the next couple of day's

I had completed the table.

I think it looks even better than the Original

Wow, the piece looks stunning it gave me the push to complete the bedside cabinet I had started last week.

What a transformation.

Oh wow, I'm in love, sometimes I surprise myself with how well something turns out. I have an idea and when I see it coming together It gives me such a buzz.

This piece will soon be for sale on our sites if you are interested feel free to contact me here.

Tonia has been making matching booties to her babies bonnets, they are so cute, I love the bow design.

and this coral pink is gorgeous such a pretty colour for this time of year, these would look so lovely on a newborn, Tonia also made a set more fitting for a boy oh so cute with the pom-poms.

Phil had several orders for bottle lamps, the most popular over Christmas has been for the Silent pool lamp.

We sold one with a copper shade fantastic taste customer, we have this design in our living room at the House of B.O.B, so pretty. The silent pool and the rhubarb and ginger Whitley Neill gin bottles are the most popular designs you can find on our website on our Etsy site

Well, that's it for this week,

I hope you have enjoyed the blog, next week we will be sharing more makes for the shop and ideas for 2021.

Followed by our final blog of the year which will be out Christmas Eve Bobbett's Blog No 99 Reflecting on 2020. What a year!

Bye for now Corcyra, Tonia The Bobbett's and Phil. (Angel and Rose)

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