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Bobbett's Blog No 95, American past to a Farmhouse Chic.

This week, I reveal the latest commission I have been working on. I also share our Christmas competition and share with you what's coming up in the next week.

Well it all started with a Pumpkin, you may have remembered back in October the Pumpkin Teapots I made for Halloween, I did very well with these and one customer also bought the Nightshade bedside table the same customer

then commissioned me to transform her heavy dark wood American table and eight chairs.

The first picture I saw of this large piece I thought "wow", will it even fit in my newly built studio?

The suite had two carver chairs and had been heavily stained with a dark varnish, well I said yes to the job and the rest is history as within a week the set had arrived in my studio

But first I needed to prep the room by making as much room as possible.

Soon the set arrived.

My poor studio was rammed, after a few test pieces using Paris Grey by Annie Sloan and Antique white by Rust-oleum,

I had a visit from the client they decided on a look closer to my outside dresser.

With the Paris Grey and the black wax.

This is a total of 7 processes to get this effect.

Here's a piece of the suite having its first sand

This was definitely an outside job.

This was one of the chairs nearly finished just a bit more dark wax.

The studio at some points became a bit of a puzzle with pieces in stages 1 to 7, and trying to make sure one process would not affect another piece was key to getting this set finished.

Here's a very busy looking workshop at the end of a day's work.

As time went on more pieces went grey.

The last piece to finish was the tabletop her it is in stage 5 as in aging the piece.

and finally, all finished.

So pleased with it it looks stunning and so different from how it looked originally.

After the client had received the piece back, I then had the task of tidying up the studio and getting it back to normal use.

That day I sold the Noir nightshade side table through our Etsy shop

I suddenly had a bit of a panic, my showroom was looking empty, so I gathered some of my projects together and started to think about new pieces and what I wanted to do.

So hopefully in next week's blog, I will have some pieces to show you.

Tonia has been painting again and wow I love these,

I know they have already sold,

if you want any info on what baubles she has left contact us here

We also have a virtual fair this weekend, be sure not to miss it.

And Best of British Boutique is running an online competition go to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter for your chance to win

These Dinosaur Christmas Decorations.

Well, that's it for this week, I'm getting excited about getting back in my studio to have some fun and make some more pieces for Etsy and our page.

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbett's, Angel and Rose.

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