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Bobbett's Blog No 94, Before and After.

This week, I have been so busy with my latest project it's been my main focus, while I can't share with you what I've been up to, I can give you hints and talk about my last pieces and how they have lead up to commissions

Toni has been focusing on her Christmas lines, and I have done a few smaller pieces.

Since I began this journey of upcycling furniture in 2019 I have perfected my

techniques and made some fun pieces on the way.

Early on I updated a cabinet in Florence by Annie Sloan for my Bathroom, and at the same time I was making a Flamingo side table, with my first piece of decoupaging,

I still love this piece now and hope to make some more of this exotic inspired style in the future. This piece was sold not long after I made it.

Inspired by the TV show "money for nothing" and I have a passion for interior decor and mixing styles such as Quirky and traditional, Eclectic, and fun. Bohemian and vintage, I decided to look out for more interesting pieces and my next project.

The parrot table came next such a beautiful piece, the mix of gold and navy worked so well, this piece sold very quickly and I decided to make a piece that was more simple in design but had a fun Flair, this piece the pink jungle parrot table is still available.

I then started to move into larger pieces.

I had purchased this glass cabinet over a year ago and it had got damaged over the past months while being in the old workshop so during the first lockdown and once the new studio was being built, I decided to make a theatrical style cabinet for my jewelry with curtains and a stage, I love it and it certainly is a talking point.

I used a mixture of paints including Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink, Florence, and Rust-Oleum Vintage White. More recently I needed a storage cabinet for my paints and materials so my search lead me to eBay with this very large oak dresser top, just what I was looking for! I had this floral large print paper that I wanted to use and decided to use Rust-Oleum Bramwell to compliment it. I love this color it's such an easy color and looks great with lots of different styles.

My largest projects to date have been a couple of dressers, one was our own piece that had been in my husbands family for over 60 years, it's dark wood was so tired and I wanted it to complement our outside space, so I decided on grey with decoupage lupin paper, I added bumble bee door handles, I love this piece now.

More recently, I was given a large dresser, which I needed to use in a photo shoot.

After Christmas it will be for sale, I still have a few details to finish on it.

Two of my very popular styles have been the nightshade in noir and in vintage Florence the bedside table is now sold and the desk is being used in the new studio.

The next piece was a commission from seeing the Nightshade side cabinet, using lemur teal wallpaper and Florence with a black aged waxed effect, the client was very pleased with it and wrote a lovely review on our Facebook page.

My latest piece is this noir Nightshade side table which is for sale and can be seen on our Etsy page

Or on our website.

We have now taken on a large commission and it will be revealed as soon as the Client has seen the finished pieces.

So if you have any wood furniture and you want it updated, we are happy to do a free quote message us here at or across our social media sites.

I have also done a few small pieces to our Christmas collection which can also be seen at

our Etsy Shop.

Large Google eye glitter reindeer Christmas tree ornaments and a set of 3 glitter Reindeer that can be personalized

And I'm working on some Bespoke wreaths.

Not finished yet but Turnips advising me.

Tonia has been making some Gonks this week and is busy working on other Christmas commissions.

it's a weekend for us both at the virtual fair under Angel and Rose.

Take a look

That's it for this week,

Hope you enjoyed the read

Cas and Tonia the Bobbett's.

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