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Bobbett's Blog No 92, witching hour, Green mist & à virtual fair.

What is happening to this year? It seems to be flying by, We are now at the end of October we are heading into another lockdown it seems, and we are busier than ever, with Pumpkin orders, commissions and of course we are leading up to Christmas.

This week we have added a few more bits into the showroom.

It's great to be able to display things properly, Phil has already joked we need a bigger space 😂. This week's main focus has been working on that tired dresser we were given last week.

I decided it looked too heavy and wanted to add interest to it.

First I started by taking it apart.

I sanded it back.

Then I started to apply the paint, I decided to go for a new colour, something I haven't used before, and after being inspired by the farmhouse look, I felt Antibes by Annie Sloan was calling me.

It is definitely looking very different, a bit bright at the moment. It won't be staying like this, after a rub down in between and a second coat, I was ready to add some detail.

I decided to decoupage the front lower panels.

I want it to look old so wrinkles colour fading all worked with this piece.

I then started to attack the aging process around the door.

Rubbing it back with a heavy wire brush.

I then decided to add some wax and black wax to darken the piece down, what a difference, it actually looks a lot better in the flesh.

I have used this piece to make a short video, for the virtual fair happening this weekend.

I plan to do some more work on the dresser, if you are interested in this piece let me know.


I have also made a few new accessories.

for Christmas, everything is for sale. Including the dresser.

The Fair is under Angel and Rose as it's mine and Tonia's work.

Here's some of our work, and we have both been busy creating pieces.

Please feel free to message on here or our sites for prices and availability.

As its Halloween we are in the full witching hour, it's been Phils and our son's project,

to decorate the house, here's a pumpkin Phil carved this year.

Very apt for the climate we are in.

The week ahead is bringing a lot of uncertainty in the next coming weeks with another lockdown, We will be starting a large commission this week and updating the B.O.B website and Etsy page with the Christmas stock.

That's it for this week, stay safe.

Corcyra, Tonia, and Phil, The Bobbett's, Angel, and Rose.

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