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Bobbett's Blog No 90, Halloween lockdown special.

We are in the middle of October and it would be rude not to do a Halloween Blog, The country is in a three-tier lockdown system so I wanted to do something beautiful for Halloween to cheer us up.

I decided to do a quick Halloween table piece in planning for a Halloween meal I have planned on the 31st.

I have also been working on my latest commission, it's coming along brilliantly, as the client will receive it next week, I can't share too much but next week we will have a full reveal.

Phil was busy with a friend this weekend varnishing the floor for the second time in the workshop.

I've also been working on my pattern design.

Last October we did these wonderful displays

So last year I created quite a lot with Tonia this year won't have so much, due to covid restrictions making things a bit more difficult, but your welcome to take a look

At last year blog here's the link,

wow look how different even my dresser looks this was upcycled in blog

here's the link

I really love the flower display centerpiece and wanted to do something similar.

I had a good look on Pinterest for ideas. Here are some of my favorites.

First I got a very normal pumpkin that I picked up at my local Tesco.

after seeing the teapot design this has really inspired me.

I cut the top of the pumpkin 🎃 out and then cut a hole into the center and used an old jar which will help keep some of the flowers fresh.

Using binding string and some scraps of hessian I fashioned a handle and used bbq skewers to hold it and adding a courgette for the spout.

Using some flowers I had been given and collecting some foliage from the garden

I started to build the design up, adding greenery

This was the end result it looks so beautiful on my outside dresser

With a couple of small accessories, the piece is finished this will now last all the way through to Halloween if the flowers need changing that's easy, or just a top-up of water is required.

here's a close up I love it.

I added in little accessories, which I found in the seasonal aisle at my local Tesco and other suppliers.

If you are interested in purchasing a table Halloween teapot they are £20 and collection only or free delivery in the Guildford postcode area everyone is Bespoke and other colours are available.

I've not even finished the blog and I've sold my first one 🎃😍.

Tonia's been busy working on the pumpkin baubles

Really simple designs but so effective and will look great in any Halloween display.

If you are interested in purchasing a box of six contacts us at

Phil has been busy this weekend sanding down the first layer of varnish on the floor that was put on a couple of weeks ago.

Then he and our friend have been painstakingly putting on another coat of yacht varnish from Brewers.

As well as this we have been sorting out space in the workshop studio and trying to designate areas.

We are getting a large piece of furniture hopefully next week which will work as a room divider and give me a great display area, for the smaller pieces,

including Phils lights, which are selling well on our Etsy page.

Well, that's it for this week the blog over Halloween I will share some pictures of how the centerpiece looks so be sure to log into the future reads.

Bye for now.

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbett's. Angel and Rose.

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