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Bobbett's blog No 89, Flower power, and Fishy fun.

This week has gone so quickly, and due to lots going on in the Angel Household, I decided to concentrate on last week's jobs that need to be finished.

You may remember the beast of a dresser that needed to be finished and I left you with a taste of what I might use to decoupage the inserts.

This was the selection.

Well, surprise I didn't use any of them.

I wanted something oversized and bright as the idea that the shelves would be filled with tools and materials, for my jewelry tools and upcycling projects.

Well over a year ago I picked up a roll of oversized flowers, a real flower power design, and decided to just go for it.

Matching up the design was fun and games but after several goes, I finally got there.

I really love it, it's bright, makes me smile, and a real statement on what you can do with some imagination.

It's to go over the steel workbench.

Now I need two strong men to put it up,

I think I know just the guys!

So poor Phil and our friend put the piece up,

They also managed to get the industrial sewing machine in too.

I have also finished my British sea creature print that I drew out last week.

First I decided to start with the seaweed.

I painted this first using a selection of three acrylic paints, this piece had lots of work to be done and my time has been very split this week, I was spending a day with my son in the hospital, so I decided to take the canvas in, I thought I can't take my paints but I can take my new pens Phil brought me.

So here I have been sitting in a Children's ward completing my design all day.

I started to add some color.

Checking the pattern as I went.

The first fish I colored was green. This piece is really taking on a green and red theme, blending with the pens was a bit tricky as you don't have as much freedom as paints.

I started to build the design up, I actually really like it.

Painting in another fish.

The piece was nearly finished but I felt I needed some highlights as the design was so green.

As you can tell Leon didn't want to be in the picture.

As a pattern, it works well

I just need to play with it a bit on my computer to really love it.

This is what I'm thinking of using it for but I'm still not a hundred percent.

I've started to play with filters.

Hum, I like these but are they right? What do you think?

Anyway, that's it for this week,

It's time to think of something spooky for next week, well it's nearly Halloween.

Bye for now,

Corcyra The Bobbett.

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