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Bobbett's Blog No 85, Commission complete.

bbett's Blog No 85, commission complete.

We are now into September and the British Children are back to school but from Monday we are going back a step with no meetings over six people.

This week I've also been finishing the commission. My client loved it, I'm so pleased with it, especially the paint job. It's just gorgeous.

We do have an update on the House of B.O.B build with more work going on this week. I have been looking at paint combinations more.

Tonia's has been busy making some felt pictures even though she's still poorly.

So this week I have been finishing a large upcycling commission.

The brief was first to upcycle two pine bedside tables.

The client had seen my bedside table and liked the design.

We discussed a few design ideas and then

Shortlisted a few images.

In the meantime, the client had also decided to add a chest of draws into the commission.

So now I was looking at two beds side tables and the large chest of drawers.

I started with sanding the items down taking all the knobs and brackets off. It's good to practise to prep the items properly then I started to add the first coat.

It looked like an invasion of Teal, then between coats, I rubbed back gentle the paint and applied another coat.

Here you can see the difference between a finished Second coat and one that is finished to the clients brief, with distressed area silver detailing and new handles all covered with a clear then dark wax, wow it's stunning.

I then tackled the sides and the draw liners.

The print used was by Holden wallpaper I had it delivered. I love this lemur print well. I do have it in the Navy in my own living room.

I fluffed out the edges of the wallpaper to give it that vintage appeal on the pieces.

and it was finished.

We delivered it to the client she was over the moon with it and it looked very smart in her new apartment.

If you are interested in getting some quotes from me, to upcycle your own furniture send me a message price start from £50 a bedside table, this does not include materials.

Phil has been busy in the studio. We now have the second back room flooring done and all the bottom is sealed with special rubber and paint.

We collected a vintage sink of a Facebook buy and sell site. It will be perfect once I have upcycled it. For the workshop area.

Tonia has been busy playing with felt.

Here are some pieces she has made so far.

I can also share with you from Facebook and Instagram last week the public voted on their favorite design.

No 4 came in first place followed by No 1

So they will go into the collection to get printed.

Well, that's it for this week it's been a busy one.

Corcyra, Tonia ( the Bobbett's ), and Phil, Angel, and Rose.

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