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Bobbett's blog No 83, British Birds and green envy.

Bobbett's blog No 83, British Birds and green envy.

It's week 83 and the weather here in Surrey has been awful, yesterday I can't remember the last time, I saw rain like it just like a tropical storm, this week between showers I have been sanding down a chest of draws for a commission, I've been looking more into pattern print and looking at a new design while changing the colour of last week's swan design to a darker background. Tonia's still not well and has been resting up this week, and between showers, Phil has started to put the floor down in the studio.

The commission I'm working on is all about the prep work this week, I have started to rub down and prep the furniture,

while I'm waiting for the paper to arrive to decoupage the sides and put the new handles.

I also have a very large new piece for the studio which will be for sale in the next few weeks so I have also been looking on ideas for this piece.

If I go ahead with it, it will be my largest piece so far.

I'm been very drawn to this colour so far.

I'm just not sure what shade.

Here are some colours combinations I like.

I've also always liked this colour.

I've used this several times before.

New print design

I've been looking at my artwork and designs and I really want to do a pattern that had lots going on over the canvas, I really enjoy using birds in my designs so my next piece has been inspired with birds butterflies and British wildlife, I'm very drawn to exotic glamour wallpaper which is very popular, I'm also drawn to green this must be the theme for this week.

When I think of British wildlife it doesn't seem to have the same vibrance and wow as what some of these prints have so I'm going to try and add some.

This is what inspires me.

I also want to look at covering my design on the canvas.

Some may say it's too busy, I like busy lots to look at so the eye never gets bored.

First I wanted to collect images of animals that I feel have a vibrance to them, which are from the UK.

I also looked at wallpaper which had the desired effect of cover I was looking at.

Here are my favourites

Two prints from the House of Hackney.

Three designs from Holden Wallpaper design

And these designs from Emma Shipley

This inspired me to sketch out a pattern.

I then played with the design to see what sort of pattern I would like.

I really like it, although I feel it needs more. Maybe a golden ringtail dragonfly native to the UK and I have seen several in my garden this would look great in the centre?

Hopefully, by next week, I will have a finished coloured design.

Heres the Swans design with a black background from last week's blog.

House of B.O.B build update

This week Phil and I have managed to do some work on the base and floor.

First beams were cut to size waterproof membrane was added and then it was nailed into place.

In the backroom, the first floorboard was put down,

Then the underfloor insulation was cut to size and the floorboards nailed in.

A completed room nearly ready to use 😍

Thes rooms will be used for various storage they are quite small so we are looking at utilizing the space as much as possible,

The idea is to plan it well first.

Well, that's it from me this week hopefully Tonia will back with us next week,

Well, that's it for this week, I hope you have enjoyed it.

Corcyra The Bobbett, Angel and rose design.

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