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Bobbett's Blog No 82, This and that and the other.

This week has been a really busy week, as we have had a large commission come in, a pair of matching bedside tables and a chest of draws.

Tonia, unfortunately, has been very poorly and not been able to work this week, we hope she's well soon and we send lots of hugs, I'm all on my own 😭

The studio roof started to go on but due to extreme weather this week it's come to a halt. I finished the swan design I drew out last week, so the blog is all about this, that and the other.

The commission

I have collected the pieces for the client a trip over to Crawley and then another trip up the M25.

I have started to sand them down while the client is

deciding what paint effect she is going for.


The colour scheme is teal, the original design she saw was this piece.

Here's the shortlist on what paint and decoupage effects she likes.

Next week we may have some paint on the units.

I have also finished my swan design

I first started with the green leaves of the strawberry vines and blocking out the Swan in white.

I started to add details.

This was the final painted version

I added a few gems and it was ready to photograph.

I then spent an afternoon playing with photoshop, changing backgrounds


Changing the background is a real labour of love on this design, but I feel it was really worth it, matching the pattern up and finding a company to print the design, the picture I love this I'm considering having this in my hall.

I love the way the strawberry vines shape a heart in the pattern.

I love the grey, but I want to try some more art deco nouveau colour schemes.

I also had a play with the bird design I did a couple of blogs ago.

Here are some colour schemes I came up with, I really feel this piece is more suited to soft furnishings especially cushions.

Personally I really like the green and grey.

The House of B.O.B build update

The workshop has slowed down a little after the main build last week, due to the weather and a technical set back

Here's a picture of some of the work.

We also picked up some insulation from our local Selco builders merchant.

Here I am very early in the morning mask on picking up the insulation.

I hope to get some of this work down this weekend. We need to put some wood bearers down inside first then the insulation then the wooden flooring.

Hopefully next week I will be able to show you some photos.

I have also been looking at paint combinations for the outside.

This is my favourite. I love the dark blue-grey, with the stark white and the warm wood, I feel something similar to this is what I want for the Tuin Studio exterior.

I'm looking at the little green paint range from

Brewers to match the shades.

This is my favourite shade so far Woad.

I'm still deciding so that's it from me this week it has been really busy,

And hopefully next week Tonia might be feeling a bit better to join in the blog.

Corcyra The Bobbett.

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