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Bobbett's Blog no 79, British seaside and theEnglish garden.

Welcome to this week's blog, We have been busy with Birthdays and planing the big build, we took a visit to B&Q our favourite DIY store looking for garden gifts,

We came across some clearance items and I knew what I was going to have a go at making this week.

Tonia has been busy making dry clay pieces.

So I'm in B&Q. this week and It's just become a rule to now wear face masks in shops even though lockdown is now over, but the fear of a second lockdown is still out there. The store seems very quiet, there were quite a few bargains to be had. I've always been one for a clearance price drop and seeing these for just a £1 well I could not resist.

So I bought three.

I had seen a lampshade idea with wire, and I really like this idea of making birdcage look like lampshades for my English garden theme..

I wanted to use the green I have used before on a couple of chandeliers.

I love the colour for outside pieces or conservatory garden designs with plants, birds and butterfly themes.

First I took the shade of as I didn't want this


What I wanted was the skeleton of the piece.I had been looking at ideas and decided that I wanted to make something similar to the images I collected.

Then I painted the piece, using my favourite base colour Bramwell by Rust - Oleum.

This takes several coats.

Then I cut the wire I wanted to size and shape.

I also gave it a coat of paint.

Fixing it together with wire this was a bit fiddly.

I painted some fine branches from the garden then lacquered the whole piece in clear varnish.

I then added a few finishing touches and my design was complete.


I make these shades to order all sizes available; all are bespoke.

I can colour match your room too.

Also available with butterflies price start from £30 with free delivery in the UK

Tonia has been busy this week playing with one of her favourite mediums, air dry clay,

Her theme was summer inspired and nature, first she had a go at making some leaves which could be used as a bedside trinket dish, very in at the moment following that palm leaf trend,

First she cut the design out.

Once dry Tonia painted them in this beautiful green colour

They looked really beautiful the acrylic paint has an iridescent shimmer to it.

The next piece she made was holiday themed and really has that British seaside feel.

First she made the design.

A lovely beach hut inspired piece

She started to add colour once they were dry.

Building up the colour really brings the piece

To life

Once dry mod podge was added to seal the piece.

This would look great in a bathroom or a beach inspired room. It's a bespoke piece and for sale.

Contact us at for any details about the pieces on the blog.

Tonia's next piece was a fish inspired wind chime or can be used as a wall hanging.

She cut out three different size fish and used her clay tool to create the scales.

First she painted them white as the colour she wanted to use a blue and it would look better on a light base coat.

Then Tonia Tied the design together

using macrame style wool.

This and the leaf trinket dish can be made to order.


The timber for the workshop has been moving from the back of the house to the front this week.

So step by step we are getting closer.

Well that's it for this week.

We hope you have enjoyed it,

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts Angel and Rose.

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