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Bobbett's Blog no 78, Teapot and Tins.

Here we are again, the weeks are rolling by and I'm getting through the projects I had at home and I'm making a new vintage China Tea cup creation.

Tonia has been upcycling Tins and looks at good ideas on how we can upcycle this everyday object..

We have also been invited back to take part in another virtual fair with Surrey Village Craft Fairs.

and Phil talks over the next stages of the big build….

At the beginning of this year I found a very plain table lamp.

I had one of those light bulb moments and knew I wanted to make a vintage china teacup creation.

Obviously something fabulous that you couldn't find in a shop.

I had this old Teapot a bit plain but a fantastic shape and a mix of cups and tea plates.

First I had to unwire the top, as the China would never fit over the lamp fitting.

I started to drill the teapot this is not for the faint hearted it's quite tricky and takes a while to start

When I had drilled all the pieces I then started to look at different combinations of layering the cups and plates looking for the best fit as the handles made the plates sit wonky.

Then I started to play with different combinations of China.

I decided to paint the stand and by luck I found a close match to the teapot in my little stash of tester paints.

I then spent ages bonding the cups together trying to get them as straight as I could and then adding a floral accessory to the spout and handle. The piece now has to set before it's rewired.

Here it is all lit up.

It has that mad hatter feel to it.

Tonia has been looking at ways of upcycling a basic tin can, it's amazing what you can do with them,

and different ways to decorate them.

I really like the herb tins great for the kitchen.

Plant holders,pencil pots, candle holders

Bathroom tidy cooking utensil holders and so much more.

Here's Tonia's design. First she painted it black.

Once dry she painted some flowers

Then she added a strip of paint top and bottom to complete the design.

When the piece was finished she varnished it and added a plant.

What a great use for an everyday object.

Tonia also did a quick update on a wooden cat.

she was now feeling it was a bit outdated and wanted to glam it up, so out came the gold paint.

It wasn't long before it looked totally transformed and fit for the likes of Cleopatra.

Phil has been busy looking at the instructions for the workshop build which is earmarked to start on the 13th of August.

So not long now, this is when the help is coming from a friend, next things to order are floor installation and paint.

We are also taking part in another virtual fair this weekend so be sure to have a look.

Follow the FB page link.

Have a great week,

Corcyra and Tonia The bobbetts with Phil also from Angel and Rose.

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