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Bobbett's Blog no 77. B.O.B's builders are back, so put the kettle on!

So we made a bit of a mistake with the base and this weekend a smaller team of B.O.B's builders are extending it, luckily the area was not short of space.

I have had a busy and not so great week, but came home to Phil surprising me with putting one of my chandelier creations up.

and then I've been upcycling an old metal kettle for the new studio.

Tonia's been painting and making bowls from coconut shells.

The Kettle project has taken its turn this week.I have been walking past my greenhouse all summer which has become a bit of a dumping ground and notice an old stove style kettle once used by Phil's mum to plant flowers in the garden.

I decided I need an open and closed sign for the House of B.O.B and this would make a perfect yet unusual piece.

I started looking on Pinterest for painted kettles and narrow boat art sprung to mind.

Here's a few pictures of inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for a similar piece, I suggest you take a look at an artist called Rithika Kumar, a modern day kettle painter. Here's some of her work.

Here's my old battered Kettle

I first gave it a good clean then started to apply the base colour using a paint you might recognise from last week's blog.

Once painted I left to dry already and it looks great.

I checked out a few ideas on Pinterest for open and closed signs; nothing really sprung to mind but I did a few very rough sketches to give me direction.

and then I started to paint.

I have used a collection of metal paints including gloss and enamel.

Painting the words open and closed.

Then I just started to go with the flow using enamels,

After several hours I finished and the new House of B.O.B sign is ready.

It's very pretty and beats a sign in the window.

Tonia’s been busy making bowls from old coconut shells. They are so cool, painting her beautiful art work in them.

Tonia is looking at other ideas to use the shells for, here's some examples.

I look forward to seeing some new creations.

Paul and Phil have been busy doing what we hope to be the last part of the foundations..

The trench has the electrics ready to go in.

Paul had a brilliant idea to use up the left over concrete and that was to make a flower pot using two plastic ones

Hopefully next week we can see how it turned out

It's currently under this board.

It's been a really busy week and not a great one towards the end of this week, but I got a lovely surprise on Thursday evening, to find the chandelier that I had started way back last year had been put up, it changed during the course of the year originally to sell then I decided to put it under our new porch and this was the surprise.

So pleased The House of B.O.B is starting to come together.

well that's it for this week,

I hope you have enjoyed the read

Corcyra, Tonia and Phil the Bobbetts and a big thank you to Paul x

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