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Bobbett's blog No 71 Exterior Furniture up cycling and Tiny Trinkets.

Week 71, still here and still in lock down even though things are easing up,

it still seems very surreal.

The weather this week has taken a turn after 3 months of solid sunshine the rain is back, but hopefully not for long it's been quite nice as I have had a couple of nights off watering the garden.

Tonia has been working on the dolls house and Phil has been working on the house of B.O.B foundations, while I decided to upcycle an old French dresser which has been in Phil's family for years three generations, I hated the dark wood and wanted it to complement the outside dining space we were putting together.

I love French chic and garden rooms natural wood and dramatic furniture

Here's some inspiration from Pinterest.

Oh I so love Pinterest I love the natural wood Grey's and metals in these four photos with the greenery I have lots still to do but it's taking shape.

I decided to use a Paris grey chalk paint by Annie Sloane kindly delivered by

Wescott and Williams of Dorking

I wanted to do a mix of painting waxes and decoupage.

First I sanded the whole dresser.

Then I wiped it down and started to paint

With the Paris grey

The paint will need two coats

I then waxed the top

Here you get a real sense of the change.

I'm loving the grey against the pale blue of my house.

I have these decoupage napkins and want to make a feature with them.

Once the paint was dry I cut round the design and mod podge it on, As you can imagine this will takes a while to dry, so I will reveal the completed transformed dresser next week.

The space outside my house will eventually be an extension of the house we sold a second hand rattan sofa we had.

and have replaced it with something more in keeping

I just need to design some cushions build a pallet wall and add some plants and accessories The projects just keep coming 🤦😍 but for now the puppy Turnip likes it.

Tonia has made a couple of objects for her dolls house this week

The sewing theme, the dressmaker mannequin and the sewing box are lovely.

The attention to detail is amazing,

Look at the tape measure all handmade


The cotton reels fit for fairies, Tonia's very clever making all the items from scratch.

Studio update

The workshop studio is having its base extended, the skip has gone, the brick work has started and we are expecting a delivery of materials shortly. Phil is working very hard to get this done with some injections of help with friends.

Slowly slowly it's getting there, it will be massive.

Well that's it for this week I hope to have the dresser completed by next week and another update on the workshop studio.

That's it from us stay safe

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts Angel and Rose.

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