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Bobbett's Blog No 50, Tarting up tables.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

It's been another busy week with time flying by and this week Tonia and I have decided both to update a couple of our little treasures from the recycling centre trip last week.

Tonia is in the process of flaming up her hallway she has recently moved so lots of projects to do .

Last week Tonia purchased a small wooden slatted table, and she was looking to go with a glitzy upcycle theme keeping the colours pale as the hallway even though spacious has lots of leading doors in it not leaving much space for anything else.

First Tonia painted the table with a good cover

To leave a solid colour

Then Tonia let the piece dry for a good 24hrs and started to apply a silver leaf.

Using these decorative silver flakes Tonia applied them with an adhesive

To create a shimmering effect.

This is very time consuming but the effect is great you can add as little or as much depending on your taste.

The end result looked stunning this little table has had a total transformation and would lift any hallway.

Now I have been updating a table too, very different from Tonia's clean minimal look, I have gone for a more eclectic piece

Inspired by the colour of the year.

I was inspired to look for a paint that would fit this year's pallette,

After going up and down my local B & Q isle several times, looking for a cost effective solution I found this, ok it's in a gloss, maybe not my first choice! but I have wanted to try one of these sprays for a while to see how they cover.

I took the plunge and started stripping the old leather top from my smaller table from the nest of tables I picked up in last week's blog.

This was a bit of a job as the top was well stuck on.

Once all the leather was off I gave the whole table a key with some medium sand


Got rid of any dust and started to finely spray the piece, I did this outside as the spray tends to go everywhere.

1st coat on. Loving the colour better than I had expected and the finish works too.

I then decided to add a unique twist in true Cas style, a bronze leg with a parrot, this very average little something side table, has now been transformed into a chic quirky feature.

Workshop update, a week has gone by since we took the plunge and ordered the workshop, not much has changed we are slowly clearing it out, but Phil has been busy

Here's a few designs we have coming into the Boutique a new collection of lights by Phil which will look stunning on our tables, or yours at home.

follow the link for more information.

or take a look at our shop.

See you next week

Tonia and Cas ( Angel and Rose ) the Bobbetts

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