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Bobbett's Blog No 46, Pretty Pumpkins, A Halloween Special.

Well it's that time of year again the clocks are going back the nights are drawing in now the leaves are falling from our trees, In the sky and in the shadows creatures of the night are out, "Happy Halloween"

I visited a pumpkin farm a couple of weeks ago with Phil and this is were the inspiration for this blog started

This beautiful pumpkin mural at Slindon pumpkin farm inspired me that Halloween doesn't have to follow the spooky traditional. This farm had pumpkins and squashes of every size shape and colour, which you can see we used or displayed in this blog.

They were also selling really cute ceramic pumpkins from the Slindon pottery

This place is definitely worth a visit

For more information look at the links at the end of the blog

This year Tonia and I decided to make our Halloween blog a little unconventional and instead of blood and gore we are doing pretty and cute.

We have our honourary Bobbett guest Phil and we are all trying something different with Pumpkins.

Phil decided to to do a traditional carved pumpkin of course with a twist, so the cute theme came in and a trailer and caravan fit for fairy travellers were carved.

Phil starting to cut the pumpkin, choosing the right shape is very important for the design to work. In This blog you will see our furry family members taking great interest, and wanting a taste.

Drawing the design out.

Coming along nicely.

All lit up this is so cute.

Tonia decided not to carve hers and decided to use paint and a 3d effect with a glue gun for a Cinderella carriage.

First the design pattern was put on.

Then painted

Made from cardboard and Pringle crisp lids the carriage wheels and frame were added.

To finish the effect the pumpkin carriage is wrapped in fairy lights to make it magical at night.

I decided to make a center piece for a table really easy to do, you will need a medium pumpkin cut the lid off and scrape out the centre flesh.

Buy a bouquet of autumn flowers and you will need a jam jar slightly lower than the top of the cut pumpkin

And arrange the flowers in it.

I decided to add a ribbon and then to pull it all together I added detail from the ribbon to the floral display on the sticks, this makes a stunning centerpiece for any Halloween table.

Here are all the other pieces we have worked on in for our Halloween display which you can read about in Blog 42 also.

We hope you have enjoyed it?

Next week we show you our finished upcycling pieces we started last week.

Bye for now Cas,Tonia and Phil

The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose

if you want to know more about what we get up to take a look at our blog and our facebook page.

Places to visit we recommend

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