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Bobbett's Blog No 111, English Garden and bye for now.

This week sadly will be my last Bobbett's Blog for a little while due to a family matter.

I will still be collecting inspiration and ideas from the other Bobbett's which will be used when I can commit to them again.

The new Vlogs will continue so you can see what I'm up to on a Workshop Wednesday Vlog.

This week I have upcycled one of my tables. This is the first time I use my English Garden Collection for inspiration.

Tasha has upcycled a chest of drawers and made it into a modern-day butcher's block.

Tonia worked on her commission and Helen's items are now available on our website.

In this week's Vlog, I started a table.

Inspired by the English garden collection I have not attempted a table before and most of this collection has mainly been lighting.

My first sale in this collection was a chandelier.

This piece is now in Ireland.

It inspired me to do my own version for my outside dining area.

I then decided to make a No 2 for sale, this piece is still available and can be viewed at in our online shop or our Etsy shop.

I have also done a commission piece

For a kitchen diner.

This time I used a cage design by using some wire I had and using tree branches.

The cages housed birds and butterflies.

From this idea, I made the

Large cage lampshade.

I also made the mirror idea.

I have more ideas for these pieces I just haven't had time to make them.

I have made a piece of English Garden furniture before this is where my inspiration has come from.

I used the colour combination on a large dresser top I use to hold lots of my upcycling materials.

With the table, I wanted to add something from the chandelier features.

So this is my latest design.

Using the oversized floral print and decorative butterflies.

It still needs some work so not up for sale just yet, but I'm liking the idea.

Tasha needed a chopping station. In her kitchen and has come up with this novel-looking butcher's block.

Tonia's still working on the commission, and Helen's resin coasters are now available to buy on our website, we have already purchased two set's at the House of B.O.B

So nice, they really look like Geo slices.

Every piece is individual, they really are stunning.

Earlier this week I photoed them on my latest upcycling project: the vintage sewing box on shells. This would make a great trolley bar.

The coasters look really at home on this piece.

Well after a fantastic sales month in march and the studio looking bare it is looking more healthy with all the latest upcycling pieces.

That's it for a while,

Thank you for reading the blogs and taking an interest. I hope to be back soon with lots more projects in the meantime you are welcome to contact me through our website or social media pages about any of the pieces.

Corcyra, Tonia Tasha Helen, and Phil the Bobbett's.

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