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Bobbett's Blog No 110 Striking Gold interior accents and a Happy Easter.

Can you believe, we are already on our one hundred and tenth blog, So much has changed since I started these, The journey has been a creative growing experience, It's just Tasha and I this week as Tonia is working on two large illustration commissions, I've asked for pictures once the clients have got them👏. At the beginning of this week, I sold one of my larger pieces and started a new piece., Tasha this week does some more decorating in her hallway and updates her existing furniture and we would like to wish you all a Happy Easter.

This week I started with a good sale on our Etsy site, I sold the Exotic Eccentric bedside set of draws.

This was the piece is packaged up, and is ready to ship off to its new home in the Bristol area.

Here's a reminder of what the piece looked like, with its gold top.

This piece is really lovely and has inspired me to start a new piece, which may stay in the House of B.O.B?

I picked up a vintage sewing box on wheels late last year and have not had a chance to start it.

I know I want to use the Exotic Eccentric inspiration on this. I gave a preview of it in this week's workshop Wednesday Vlog, so far I have started to paint the frame.

This may sit in my living room where I first used the lemur print.

I want to use the Gold again for a striking effect as it will be an accent piece.

I love this eclectic mix

This is such a fab little piece of furniture it will really look good in the room when finished.

I need to make some more pieces as at the moment the showroom is looking empty with three sales this week, but I'm not complaining 😍

Tasha this week has been working on her downstairs hallway, last week we showed you that fantastic print she used.

This week she has painted that cream adjacent wall

With a metallic striking gold.

Then she added some detail to her hallway furniture and tied it in with the new theme.

Her entrance hall table looks great with the newly added paper and now it works much better.

Tasha also added a small amount of the paper to her

Console unit

Tashas choice of light a monkey design that adds to the theatre of the hallway, and what makes a normally bland space turns into a striking feast for the eyes.

Tasha also decided to update her hallway mirror with the same accent paint our favorite Florence by Annie Sloan and the paper is from The Range.

The gold paint is by Crown. It is actually one of the best wall paints I've seen for gold.

It's called striking and it really is.

That's it for this week.

Corcyra and Tasha the Bobbett's

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