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Bobbett's Blog No 109, Easter, tea stands, animal prints, and cards you can plant.

This week has been an excellent week for us with some great sales on our Etsy account, I have been working on new stock and we welcome a new family member. Tonia has been making some new card designs that are plantable and Tasha has decorated a corner of the home into quite the gallery space.

This week we have sold two tables on Etsy one from the Nightshade collection and one from the Exotic Eccentric one will be on its way to Essex while the other one is heading towards Sussex, I love to think about all our designs being sold and going to far corners of the UK.

We have also sold the Exotic Eccentric bedside table. The House of B.O.B studio will look s bit bare when they have gone. I better make some more pieces, luckily I decided to start a second table of the Exotic Eccentric piece.

It's of Florence paint in the studio.

and by the end of the week, we have two new tables one is an order the other goes up for sale, both have the lemur print

We also welcome Buddy into the Angel house a 7-year-old German Spitz Mittel.

if you didn't know this is my other passion dogs he's a rescue and such a lovely boy.

This week in the workshop Wednesday Vlog I spoke about making tea stands.

I have also made several of these which are now for sale on our Etsy and main site.

Here they are finished all different and looking very Bohemian vintage.

I love the gold fittings.

From single tea stands to large sharing stands we have something for everyone.

I'm so tempted to keep one, I have used them in an Easter Themed tea party.

Here are some photos I took.

I love the use of bay leaves from the garden as a runner. It smells divine, I added tulips and Easter eggs, birds and butterflies amongst the teastands.

This made such a lovely colorful display.

One of my tea stand this one has a milk jug on top, there's just enough room to add some grapes or even a small flower display would look nice.

Tonia has been making more cards.

Which have great added features to them. Here are her handpainted designs

Each card has seeds embedded into the design

This is how you use them.

What a fantastic idea,

I can't wait to try one ☺️🌻

Tasha has some inspiration for you this week she has revamped a small corner of her home, she decided to add this paper to her hallway, what a fantastic design with these animal prints in frames.

and a small space under the stairs.

This wallpaper looks great. She finished the wall off by using grey paint on the woodwork and adding a shelf and picture to the wall.

well, that's it for this week, if you are interested in any of the pieces, contact us through the website.

I hope you have enjoyed it.

Cas, Tonia, and Tasha the Bobbett's

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