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Bobbett's Blog No 108, Busy Bunnies and spring colours.

Ok, this week has not been the best in weeks so far in 2021 but hopefully, that's in the past, as far as B.O.B work it's been a bit slow. Tuesday I had to take two of my dogs to the vets so that was a day out, Turnip the star of the House of B.O.B had his Nicky nacky noos off 🙈so I've spent a lot of the week running around after him as he's currently in Nappies 😱, hopefully for not much longer.

I have managed to Finnish a light fitting and plant stand accessory.

and we have a couple of orders preparing to go out.

One is another

Nightshade collection side table this is the second one I've sold.

Tonia has been busy working on cards and Tasha been adding to her kitchen Dinner makeover.

Well, this week I had to try and push myself to do the workshop Wednesday Vlog, it has been a very bad start to the week and things weren't looking bright.

Turnips Nicky nacky noos came off

Here he is with Leon wearing his best from the vets, not a happy boy.😭

I have been taking part in the one painting a day for a ten-day challenge on Facebook here's some of my work that has been featured, oh and there's a bunny too.

I have finished the candelabra plant stand makeover

using turquoise metal paint with gold leaf detailing a very ornate piece and will look great with our exotic collection.

What a pop of colour this looks stunning against the gold.

The turquoise and the gold look so lavish such a rich mix.

This was it in the vlog this week where I was showing the progress of the piece and the light.

Here are the lights in progress.

I've had to add a second coat of blue and gold leaf sporadically placed and then rubbed back.

To give the piece a real aged look.

Tonia has been making cards this week I've always thought that Tonia's strongest work is in her illustration and here you can definitely tell that's the case. The cards are stunning

Here are some Easter themed ones, I love the Bunny.

Her palette of colours is really spring themed.

Tonia has also been working on a collection that we hope to showcase on B.O.B if you are interested in them in the meantime, pm or email us and we will give you more details.

And Tasha has been a busy bunny too,

Remember last week when I chatted about that wallpaper for her Kitchen dinner? well Tasha decided to go with it and she has put it in an unconventional space above the cooker, and wow what an improvement, it also brings a spring colour palette is so pretty.

She has also got festive with this lovely display she has made for Easter, on her kitchen table the room looks amazing just like a spring fantasy land.

I could just sit in here and dream away, such a lovely fun space.

She's also added a bit of the Easter glam to her front door. This should cheer everyone up.

Well that's it from the Easter Bunny Bobbett's

Corcyra, Tonia and Tasha.

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