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Bobbett's Blog No 107, What a Gintastic week, upcycling, interior design and paper craft.

It's been a busy week for the Bobbett's having Children going back to school is giving everyone some time back, this week I've been finishing the gin bar and working on my workshop Wednesday Vlog, Tasha been given a couple of bedside tables she's updating and is looking to add some fresh ideas to her kitchen dinner interior.

Tonias has been making paper crafts this week with card box sets and Phil's has been sending out gin bottle orders, it has been a rather gintastic week.

If you haven't seen it I recorded the second Vlog Workshop Wednesday with a nearly finished gin bar.

Here I am looking rather pleased with myself.

I love it, inspired by the Château Bijoux Collection. I am so pleased with it and I have finished the piece and it will be up for sale on our sites soon, I have had some fantastic complements on it, so hopefully, it will be in its forever home soon.

I've also done a bit of gold leaf work this week and have made a little plant decor holder.

It's still drying but hopefully will go on the shop's pages this week.

Tonia has been making some lovely cards, I feel this is something we need to add to our site. I will be chatting to Tonia about the possibility of selling them on B.O.B?

Tonia has used a wide range of media including stones, glitter, and textiles.

Sets of cards that come in beautiful handmade presentation boxes.

These flower designs are made with sea glass. Great to send to someone you love blank inside to write your own message.

This design is one of my favorite Champagne bottles, blank inside so can be used as a birthday, anniversary, or congratulations card

These cute flowers thank you cards are a stamped designs.

These cute Giraffe designs are great as new arrival cards or Children's Birthday cards.

Tasha has spent this week getting the last couple of finishing items for her bedroom.

These mirrors she has painted in yellow to add contrast to her room and bring a modern eclectic mix with this year's color palette.

Tasha has gifted these two bedside tables in the week and has decided to give them a facelift.

Tasha has started by adding some paper

Still working progress but as you can see they are already looking more fabulous.

Tasha also has her next big project in its planning stage she's looking into wallpaper in her kitchen dinner area here's the wallpaper she likes.

I think there's a bit of a library theme going on in Tasha's home.

Phil has also been busy this week making up bottles he has sold on Etsy.

First, it was the Brockmans gin one then the Bombay Sapphire design.

It's certainly been s bit of a Gin themed week, I think I might treat myself to one being mother's Day,

G and T anyone? 😂😍

Well, that's it for this week.

Corcyra,Tonia, Tasha and Phil The Bobbett's

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