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Bobbett's Blog No 106, Vlog, bedroom accessories, and Mother's day gifts.

This week Blog is Tonia, Tasha and I.

What a week, lots going on, so lots to share I talk about my first vlog, and I start a new add to the Bijoux Collection., I share a couple of our latest pieces to go in our shops.

Tonia's has been adding to her earring Collection.

Tasha has finished her bedroom makeover and we get to see the finished results.

Ok let me tell you about the vlog, it's something I've been thinking of for a while basically a video blog. I'm going to try and do one every Wednesday, based in the House of B.O.B, called workshop Wednesday.

In the blog, I will do a quick video of what's going on mid-week in the workshop and any up and coming projects. This will go out on Instagram Facebook and be posted to our Tumblr site, which will hopefully tie in with the end of the week Bobbett's blog, you can find it on our Facebook page or Instagram account.

The project I started this week is a corner cabinet I picked up recently.

Great shape and size with fantastic glass and ornate features, but that heavy dark mahogany colour yuk! So dated.

The inside is really horrible worn drab and seriously in

the need for a makeover.

My inspiration for this piece is the Château Bijoux


First I have to mask the piece up and rub the piece down.

I then had to rip out the shelving and the filthy fabric

This took some time.

I can now think about adding some paint and paper to the piece.

So so far I have got to this, I'm pretty pleased but I still have a long way to go.

Next week I hope to show you the finished piece

Something fun but stylish to go with this Collection.

Tonia's been busy with her Mother's Day campaign as it looms closer.

Very pretty designs for that special woman in your life.

If you are interested in any of the designs please contact us here and we can give you some more information, we also have a lot of great ideas on our site.

Tasha has been busy this week, putting the final touches on her bedroom makeover.

The very now the colour scheme has really pulled together.

Adding a few accessories to the room we especially love the little clock.

Tasha sprayed it this colour to make it more in keeping with the room.

The desk is now all in place. and the bed just looks amazing in this updated colour scheme.

Hints of metallics against the dark bedding and walls really add a touch of glamour.

Next week Tasha updates her tallboy and hopefully, a large purchase arrives to finish the room, and I will more updates on my latest collection Chateau Bijoux.

Well that's us for this week.

Look out for Wednesday Vlog and have a great week.

Cas, Tonia and Tasha the Bobbett's.

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