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Bobbett's blog No 104, Collections, Colour and Cute.

This week, I have been really busy collecting more stock for the online shops.

The studio is looking pretty busy, I have been adding stock to our main site and our Etsy and face book shops.

New pieces are being finished to a couple of pieces added to the English Garden collection.

I now have four Collections that I'm basing my work on, depending on the stock I have in depends on what is in each range. I take a look at the ranges in this blog and what is in stock.

Tasha is doing an intricate tiling job this week for our interior influences and ideas very colorful. Tonia has been adding to her collection of baby accessories with some cute headbands and we have a preview from our Original Bobbett Helen with a new Craft Collection that she will be selling through B.O.B shortly.

So here's the House of B.O.B looking pretty busy with the latest furniture collected throughout the week, that should be enough to keep me busy for a while.

I have decided to concentrate on four Collections

The English Garden range, which is a range of pieces inspired by the English garden, and the base colour is green, using different tones with faux flowers, birds, and butterflies to adorn the pieces, from Chandeliers, side table, and dressers, interior pieces that work in outside inside entertaining areas, from the kitchen dining room to the conservatory or summerhouse, this range is versatile and can be used in a number of rooms according to personal preference.

Here are some of the pieces so far from this collection.

The next collection is the Nightshade collection this is a collection that again leans itself to the individual taste a dark styled living room or a moody

Dark bedroom.

each collection has accessories made by Phil or myself.

Here's a mood board of some of the pieces.

Next, I have the Exotic Eccentric Collection

Which is a vibrant collection using Annie Sloane Florence paint and an eclectic mix of Exotic prints and animal accessories, a Bohemian mix to excite the eccentric in you.

Last we have the latest Collection which we have been working on this week, Chateau Bijoux.

So a very new collection inspired by the washed-out colours of a Château with a modern twist with accessories you would expect to find in such a grand setting.

have a look at our shops and you can find out what's in stock.

They can be found on Etsy at BOB_handmade, the Facebook shop, or our full website

Tasha this week has been doing a bit of a messy job

Deciding her white tiles in the downstairs cloakroom makeover looked too white she ordered up some beautiful beach-inspired decor.

So here's the box of goodies she ordered

Tasha started to makeover the tiles.

A messy job but what a transformation.

She decided to use some of her flooring tiles to mix up the look.

and here's the end result.

It really goes with the room.

Tasha also decided she wanted more art in the space, She added a print using some leftover wallpaper, from a previous make.

It looks fabulous.

Tonia's been up to some more crochet this week,

So cute, headbands using crochet she created these snowball-themed pieces.

We also have some exciting news from Helen this week, she has been busy experimenting with her newfound passion resin and is working on a collection of coasters

This is a taster of what she's done.

Helen will soon be selling these on B.O.B if you are interested in them contact us here for prices and more information.

Well, that's it for this week.

It's been an exciting week, we finally have electrics in the studio as you can see our guard dog thinks she has a posh new home.

Corcyra, Tonia, Tasha and Helen. The Bobbetts, Oh and Hemi the Guard Dog x

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