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Bobbett's Blog No 103, Bijoux and Brights.

So this week it's all the girls, my goodness what a cold week it's been. The House of B.O.B is freezing as we are still waiting for the electrics to be done but hey the end is in sight and the Electrician has slotted us in, so so I won't have to finish work by 4 pm and can keep going.

This week, I've finished off a chest of draws in the Exotic Eccentric collection and started a new piece and collection that I've named Chateau Bjoux a range of furniture using wallpaper that I have embellished with rhinestones.

Tonia has made a beautiful knitted dress and Tasha reveals her downstairs cloakroom with a few quirky touches.

So first here's the finished Exotic Eccentric Collection.

I always have a clear vision of what I want to do and I just knew that this piece has to have a shiny gold top.

So my first attempt at Fablon and a little tricky, but the outcome looked great.

I feel the beautiful colour of Florence chalk paint and the gold shining top really compliment each other.

I used this exotic print to decoupage both sides and the back.

I have also papered inside the draws to complete the


This piece is now for sale on our website, Etsy Shop, and our new Facebook shop.

I have also been working on a new collection, looking at my stock

I felt I wanted to try a collection that was more neutral, I wanted to use an idea I have had for ages to embellish a wallpaper design using rhinestones.

I had had this wallpaper for a few years with the idea of using it in my hallway, but I had always felt it was too boring so my idea is to bling it up.

I choose an area of the paper and played with my jewels and came up with this.

So I have another side table this time I'm going for a more subtle ombre look using Antique white by rust Oleum, Parisian grey by Annie Sloane, and a mix of black pigment

Here are several different stages.

I used a pewter and silver highlight and aged the piece using distressing techniques and sealed it with a mix of black and clear wax.

The paper was finished with a glass top.

This piece will be for sale soon in our shops, well this is what I thought! but it has been snapped up already.

If you are interested in this piece contact me here as I can recreate the piece but remember all are bespoke.

Tonia has been busy this week making more knitted pieces this beautiful baby dress and band is just perfect for that newborn little lady

This cute piece is the colour of the year yellow is the summer colour of the year 2021

And talking of colour of the year Tasha has finished her downstairs cloakroom and here's a few things she has done this week to complete the look.

So here the beautiful wallpaper she chooses to go with the Florence walls.

And she used her spray paint used in blog 101 to update her radiator that really makes it pop.

I love the way Tasha has reused some crate shelving great upcycling idea around the sink., And look at the faux plant around the sink, lovely feature

a really simple idea, this adds a Caribbean feel, especially with the yellow accessories.

What an Interesting feature cloakroom, here are some of the accessories.

Tasha's use of pattern and style really brings this small cloakroom into an eclectic feast of pattern and design.

Well that's it for this week have a wonderful Valentines day,

love and hugs,

Corcyra,Tonia, and Tasha the Bobbett's.

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