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Bobbett Blog No 35,Weald and Down Good life Show.

The sun is just about out and it’s a bit chilly but I’ve made it to the Weald and Down museum. Setting up the show was a slight relief once I realised I wasn’t in the open air gazebo as wind and China chandeliers definitely don’t mix! After chatting to a few organisers they were able to point me in the right direction of the Marquee next door. I can now start setting up.

I was one of the first exhibitors so I could choose a great spot, with the help of my husband Phil  the stand started to take shape.

I started some demonstrations early on the 5th and had some great comments from the public saying they loved my ideas. I was interested in what the public thought about my chandeliers so asked what one was their favourite? The leopard print one got an overwhelming result of being their favourite with the Narnia lamp stand coming a close second.

Over the weekend I started another chandelier this is something I've been wanting to do for a while an exotic piece inspired by the trending prints of palm leaves on the high street.

The enamel paints are very hard to work with. The colours are very bright so a simple painted design takes a while as there is a lot of layering involved

I will be adding faux leaf detailing and my amazing husband managed to source some beautiful glass drops, Phil definitely has a talent for design too.

Sadly,  the show is on the last day all too quick, but I ended the weekend on a high with  Charis Williams from Salvage Sister on channel 4, I managed to get a selfie of us together!

I was very lucky to be put forward by her she's such an amazing lady, such a great talent. Thank you Charis x

I  also met a lovely lady called Tracey on the last day and she made these fantastic creations using mannequin's and fabrics. She was making them into lights and tables.

Her company 'dolly fixtures'  is really creative we had a really good chat about upcyling  and B.O.B, I hope she will come on board with us in the future.

I so want one of her creations.

I had a  good walk round the site on Monday it really is a beautiful place and so much going on, the food area had some really different stalls, with artisan bakers and tasty handmade products, lots of  craft exhibitors and even free yoga all in one place.

The Museum itself has some stunning buildings  such a beautiful place and a real credit to our living history.

My favourite  building was the dairy a small double turret like building, so hobbit like!

On my walk about I found a lovely display of  sea life creatures made from upcycled materials I love the jelly fish so cute.

Well its nearly the end of the show its been a great couple of days, I have come away with lots of ideas and made some new upcycling friends, I still need to get that exotic chandelier finished so don't miss next weeks blog, as you will see how it turns out.

I would like to just say one more big thank you to Charis williams, the Weald and Down Museum and my amazing husband for making this weekend possible.

see you soon

Corcyra (Cas) Bobbett.

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