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Bobbets Blog No 51, Angel and Rose

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

What an exciting week and we are only in the first month of 2020,

Tonia and I are very pleased to announce that after 6 months of successful Blog writing we are now going to our next step and introducing our interior design decor as Angel and Rose, We have launched a Facebook page and at the end one of the blog you can see our list of local art and craft shows we are booked into.

We will be adding more and hopefully in the spring you can come and meet us at the New House of BOB studio and workshop.

In-between our busy week we have been collecting projects to start such as an old desk, chairs and bottles.

Our first sale with our bottles has happened and we have had lots of enquiries regarding them.

This Whitley Neill one has sold, they are available to order in this exact design.

Tonia has sold her black and white stool

This was a Bespoke piece other designs Tonia will accept commissions for.

This week as we had so much to discuss about our future plans Tonia decided to help me with a project I had for a while.

This iconic BBC Open University Poster showing the Tree of life 2000 Darwin was so eye catching I knew I had to rescue it and make it feel loved.

I decided that I really wanted to decoupage the frame as it was so boring and did no justice to the poster.

Tonia helped me cut out my chosen decoupaging paper a palm leaf design, which would give the piece a botanical feel, which is very in at the moment.

Tonia cut out a pile of palm leaves.

I then decided I wanted to paint the frame and used.

I then decided I wanted to paint the frame and use a green chalk paint, first I masked the glass making sure not to get any paint on unwanted areas.

This had to dry for several hours then I went back to it and rubbed through some of the grain

I cleaned off any loose dust and then started to decoupage the frame, using my trusty modge pod.

I let the piece dry over night and when I saw it in in the morning I fell in love, what a transformation, I really want to keep it but no this is going to be up for sale and stock for the new Angel and Rose Collection.

If you are interested it's £38.50 and collection only due to size.

Here is the new Angel and Rose Facebook link

We wanted to also share some dates for your diary.

The Bobbets Angel and Rose will be selling their work at a local event in the beautiful Surrey Hills village of Shere.

We will be at the village Hall,with Surrey Village arts & crafts fairs on the following dates pop down to see us.

Sunday April 5th

Sunday June 7th

Sunday July 5th

Sunday September 6th

Sunday October 4th

Sunday November 1st

The venue is free to get in and why not make a day of it visiting the village of Shere, which has been featured in many blockbusting films including The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Jude law.

Well that's it's for this week we have plenty to be getting on with,

See you next week,

Cas and Tonia, The Bobbetts aka Angel and Rose.

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