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Bobbets Blog No 42, Pumpkin patch glamour.

So its week 42 of the blog and the next big seasonal celebration is Halloween,

Tonia and I have always loved Halloween, the decoration, the fantasy gore and spookyness.

This Year I wanted to try something different and have a go at a craft I have always wanted to try, Book art.

A very clever craft and I decided that I wanted to do a pretty Halloween theme, bringing a bit of glamour to the darkness of October.

Tonia has also been busy making a spooky Halloween scene, its amazing what you can do with bits and bobs left round your house.

So to begin the book art get an old paperback book and cut out the pattern,

Its easy to do, fold a piece of A4 paper in half and draw a design and then place it in the centre folds of the book, mark around the pattern.

Tonia is cutting out the design she has stenciled around we both have gone for basic pumpkin designs,

After we cut it all out it was time to secure the back pages and do a lot of fluffing bending the pages backwards and forward.

I decided to add some orange paint to the edges, a twig from the garden and an artificial leaf I had bought from The Range a week earlier.

Oh it looks so pretty, I have also been using old pumpkin decorations from past halloweens and recovering them with old off cut’s of fabric adding twigs as the stalk and using the artificial leaf as a decoration.

I added a few rhinestones for a bit of glamour, you can buy these at most craft stores.

So here you have it, my twist on Halloween decorations with a bit of glamour.

Tonia had a go too using natural twine and card to decorate and some gorgeous purple satin.

We also had a look on Pintrest. So many ideas for book art, its a really cheap way of making decorations for the home.

Heres a couple more designs we love

Tonia has also been making this wonderful spooky model,

here's what she used.

A log slice for base, wool for the grass, twig for tree, bark for shed, painted cardboard for roof,

painted poppy heads for pumpkins, bark for wood pile, painted polystyrene for headstones,

painted lolly sticks & wire fence, bird moulded with black tape with black feather, zombie moulded from linen fabric & artificial t-light inside shed

Its amazing what you can do, with some imagination and a bit of spare time.

We will be adding another blog nearer Halloween with easy tricks and treats to add to a homemade display.

Its been another busy week Best of British Boutique are Launching the Christmas page so be sure not to miss it as our order books will be open.

That's it from us this week.

Cas and Tonia (The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose)

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