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Blog No 68, Mini design and grand demolition.

Lock down is relaxed a little this week and I have noticed a lot more people on the roads,

The June craft fair has been cancelled too 😢

So here we go the great demolition has begun and I haven't had any time for much else. This has been a long time coming with delays due to the lockdown. Tonia is working more on her miniature furnishings for the dolls house,

And we also see how that veg is growing.

So this very tired well used workshop is now completely empty, nearly 20 years of work to go through it has been quite a challenge.

Phil has done nearly all of the heavy work, I've been the labourer and of course project manager 🤣

The doors and windows came out first

Then Phil got the big boy toys out.

Starting with the back wall then the roof here's Phil in his hard hat, He does remind me of Bob the Builder. For those of you who can remember this but the projects not screaming We can fix it.🙈

Not long and the workshop will be gone.

This has taken us a good part of a week to get to this stage in between the rest of our hectic life at the moment, Friday we got to crunch stage and I decided to order a skip to get rid of some of the debris, along with burning a lot of the wood.

We can soon start to think about extending the base, but we still have a list of jobs to do before we are at that stage.

The new workshop studio is a lot larger than the old one.

Here is what it will look like.

I'm not sure what colour to paint the exterior .

I'm open to suggestions.

Here we are with the flooring gone and now we can see the original concrete base, it's in really good condition.

I've also been busy putting some more vegetables in with the fear of frost last week I've been a bit dubious but decided to plant out the tomatoes as they were not doing so well in their seed trays, I made a mesh wall at the back of the troughs to support the tomatoes when they start climbing.

This is the second trough I've started,

I'm now growing.







and not forgetting the lettuce I grow in hanging baskets

So you can get quite creative with how you plant things.

Tonia has been a very creative this week making beautiful miniatures here are some of the pieces she has made

I love the washing powder box. It's so life-like.

The Fruit is sculpted out of Fimo clay and painted, the fruit bowl is a plastic lid. The bin is a toothpick pot painted black with a cut off of the bin bag for the liner. The washing powder box Tonia printed off after shrinking it on the printer.

and she has also made a guitar for the music room in the doll's house.

Well that's it for this blog,

It's been a very tiring week,

Bye for now Cas and Tonia, The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose


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