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Blog No 67, Miniature Mayhem.

So here we are still in lockdown this week and at the start of May 2020.

It was one of those weeks where we came to a real what shall we do moment?, Tonia has been working on a doll's house that she had bought online, and I have so many projects but not a clear vision of what to do.

Tonia gave me the inspiration to work on a miniature dome ornament inspired by the larger white rabbit one, I had done earlier in the year.

We have also seen the 75th VE day anniversary

and wait with anticipation regarding the Prime Ministers public announcement on Sunday.

Tonia's flat pack dolls house is a very popular craft amongst the world of crafters, it is not for the faint hearted as Tonia found out taking 100 miniature screws to put it together.

The real expression of craft comes out in the interior designs,

A popular theme is the Victorian era, Tonia is going for a more modern feel, making objects for her house from items she has had around her so those needed some real imagination.

Here is a suitcase

Tonia made a box in cardboard, then covered it with a floral paper with detailing in off cuts of leather.

One of my favourites are these beautiful umbrellas

The detail is incredible you get a real sense of scale from this small basket

Another one of my favourites are these fimo sunflowers and vase.

So on the back of Tonia's crafting week I decided to have a go at a miniature dome ornament, I had brought them earlier in the year and was quite shocked when they came as I was expecting them to be larger. Note to oneself, check the size before you buy! 🤦

I always feel more comfortable with larger scale pieces, as I feel I have real sausage fingers.

So I had been thinking of this piece for a while as in my earlier piece this year from an Alice in Wonderland theme I wanted to continue this using China cups as a trademark

My inspiration.

This is what I did

Due to the size I had to use an espresso cup, which had to get a trim to fit and the base adjusted for the dome to cover.

Phil did this for me I poured the water to keep it cool and not crack.

I wanted it to symbolise a rabbit hole so adding some wool from a pompom and trimming did the job.

I painted a set of dolls legs that came from an old tourist treasure of a Dutch girl. Using some of my fake flowers I found a leaf which I cut and stuck on.

I made a little skirt from a dish cloth and painted the feet black to look like Alice's slippers, I added details of red flowers which I painted using a marker pen.

It really reminded me of the scene in Alice painting the roses red.

Then I added a couple of handmade cards and painted the base and added it's title.

Down the rabbit hole.

Well it's been quiet a creative blog, we have finished clearing the old workshop out the electrics and windows are out.

Maybe next week we can report a demolishing,

and we may have more of an idea what's happening with June craft fair we are booked into

That's it for this week,

Stay safe and keep crafting Cas and Tonia, The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose x

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