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Autumn Half Term Pumpkin Picking No 9.

Its the start of the Autumn Half term and we decided to involve the kids in this week's blog. It's all about picking the right Pumpkin for your Halloween Table decoration or the front of your House.

We also had a look at Pinterest and found some really nice pins on Autumn and Halloween decoration especially the food pin by Lydia burrchet for great food inspiring ideas follow the link.

also some amazingly carved pumpkins send us in your pumpkins  that you have carved and we will put them up on our Halloween board on Pinterest

We decided to go to a farm just outside of Weybridge surrey as we had been here before and the different choice of pumpkins were really good. They also had activities for the kids, but be warned some events can charge entrance fees on top of purchasing pumpkins which is a bit naughty and becomes very expensive.

We also had a good look around the garden centre to get some ideas on creative decorations that we could make at home. Such as, wired heart cages that you can buy on line with dried oranges and cinnamon sticks they look great and smell yummy.

Another greater idea were wreaths a very natural Autumn look also hanging garlands with cinnamon sticks dried oranges lemons and limes and make the house  look and smell gorgeous.

Another great way to dress up the house is using ornamental squashes they really brighten up any table design we found some really cute ones

Our boys chose two pumpkins we tried to make them smile naturally but on the edge of starting to become teenagers it was difficult!

And Hugo the puppy came along for the trip and  got lots of cuddles and enjoyed the day out.

On the way back we also stopped at Ripley Farm shop in Surrey and they had a great collection of ornamental mini squashes some we had never come across before

So we picked up some of these to use in our table decoration shoot next week. We are finishing this week with some carved pumpkins from our past

Halloween party's which have been very big in the Cas and Helen household.

Next week is about carving the pumpkins we bought for Halloween this will be carved with a step by step guide in week 10 Bobbetts Blog with BOB guest Phil,

let us know which one you prefer on our facebook page and the one that gets most votes Phil will carve step by step for us in the next blog

to vote follow the link.

along with a photoshoot decorating a Halloween festive table with things you can buy on B.O.B and ideas to make and also the B.O.B door way with all we have made and more, So if you want to get crafty with us and learn a few techniques look out for week 10 Blog.

Why you are here don't forget to take a look round the site we have Christmas trends  starting in our whats new section.

Bye till next time. Helen and Cas x

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